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Vis Moot 2019/2020
The Finale, April 2020
Thank you_Vis M.jpg
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of covid-19, it was the age of the first-ever-virtual Vis Moot Court. It was the epoch of our first ever won Bergsten Award, it was the epoch of celebrations only at a distance. It was the season of light in St. Petersburg, it was the season of darkness in Moscow. It was a February of hope, it was a March of despair. We had everything before us, we had nothing before us. We were all going direct to the finale, we were all going the other way - in short: it was the Vis Moot Season 2019/2020.
This unique Vis Moot Court season came to a fulminate end this April. We were delighted to have pleaded against the outstanding teams from Moscow, Lisbon, the Maldives and Florida in the finale. Further, it was a mesmerizing experience to making it into the final eliminations rounds this year for the first time in our yet recent history (also "Die Presse" reported about the success of the Viennese teams this year). The pleading against the University of Cologne certainly was a pleading to remember and we are proud that we were honoured with the Bergsten Award in the finale.
Further, we are proud to having won the Pre-Moot Courts in Vienna, Slovenia and St. Petersburg this year.
All of this would not have been possible without the support of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Schönherr Rechtsanwälte and EVN AG. Most of all, we want to thank our main sponsor Graf & Pitkowitz Rechtsanwälte around the superb and very supportive arbitration team of Dr. Nikolaus Piktowitz. We could not have accomplished this without all of your support - thank you!
St Petersburg, March 2020
Vis St Petersburg.jpeg
Thank you for being our last pre-moot, beautiful St. Petersburg!
While the days leading up until the pre-moot in St. Petersburg were clouded with worries whether we will be able to enter Russia and how fast covid-19 is spreading across Europe, we were delighted to making it to St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, our journey had to end here and attending the next pre-moot in Moscow as originally planned was no longer feasible.
We are proud to having won the St. Petersburger Pre-Moot - it was a true delight pleading against so many highly motivated teams in these dark hours. Thank you for making our stay such a pleasure, DLA Piper!
Helsinki, March 2020
Vis Helsinki.jpeg
Vis Helsinki II.jpeg
Helsinki, it was a blast!
We want to thank all the participating teams and most of all Hannes Snellman, Castren & Snellman and Roschier Attorneys. We certainly will be back!
Riga, February 2020
Vis Riga.jpeg
Riga, here we come!
After meeting our friends and colleagues from Austria in the past week at the Austria Pre-Moot Court, we are already looking forward to meeting up with many more teams from all across Europe to discuss the lovely city of Greenacre and it's hydro powerplant!
Austrian Pre-Moot Court, February 2020
Vis Austrian Pre-Moot Court.jpeg
Proud to announce: WU Vienna is the winner of the First Austrian Pre-Moot Court. The perfect ending to a spendid pre-moot!
It was a true delight of pleading alongside the teams of Graz, Linz and Salzburg. Thank you so much for having us, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer!
We also are in particularly honoured to winning the finale pleading against our friends from Graz infront of the tribunal constituted of Dr. Alice Fremuth-Wolf, DDr. Markus Beham and Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz!
VIAC, February 2020
Vis VIAC.jpeg
This week we were able to meet the superb arbitration team from the Vienna International Arbitral Centre ("VIAC"). It was a true delight to have the opportunity to discuss all issues related to arbitration with Mag. Johanna Kathan-Spath and Mag. Stephan Karall. Thank you for having us!
We also want to thank General Secretary Dr. Alice Fremuth-Wolf for organising this great experience and to enable us and the Vis Moot teams from Linz, Innsbruck and Graz to meet and to have a round of pleadings at the VIAC. It was great for us to practice our debating techniques in the hearing rooms where many international arbitrations hearing are held on a regular basis. Thank you for this great experience, VIAC!
Ljubljana, February 2020
Our first moot-court in Ljubljana was a great success and we are proud to announce that we were able to succeed with the first place in the competition!
A large part of this early success can surely be contributed to our rounds of practice pleadings in Vienna!
Graf & Pitkowitz was so kind to host us twice and to provide us with very thorough and helpful feedback in each session. We are grateful for the valuable insights we received by Dr. Nikolaus PitkowitzMag. Anna Katharina Radschek and Mag. Stefan Dobrijevic!
Further, we also had a great and very helpful pleading at PLATTE. Thank you very much for your extremely helpful advice and feedback, Mag. Martin Platte and Mag. Nicol Schneider. We have profited from these rounds immensely!
Written Submissions, January 2020
Vis Memo Schriftlich.jpeg
Vis Memo Schriftlich II.JPG
Celebration now begins!
The memorandum for claimant was successfully uploaded in December 2019, the one for respondent followed suit today. It was great to work on our arguments in such detail and we surely have read all there is to know about hydro powerplants these past months.
We in particular want to thank the arbitration team of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, who was kind enough to provide us with a training session on effective legal writing. Thank you so much, Mr Eric Leikin and Mr Matthias Hofer for your valuable insights and for this truly great session!
Zurich, September 2019
Vis Schweiz.jpeg
Vis Schweiz II.jpeg
The new Vis Moot season just kicked off and what a better way to start into it than by meeting so many fellow mooties in Zurich for the Vis Moot School Switzerland!
These days in Zurich were packed with great lectures from the leading arbitration individuals from Switzerland during the day and with many memorable moments during the night. Thank you so much for organising this great experience, Benjamin Gottlieb!
Vis Moot 2018/2019
A recap of WU's first great Vis Moot Season
The first Vis Moot season brought many great success along for WU Vienna's team. Amonst other things, the team performed great during the pre-moot courts in Prague and Belgrade. Further, the team did very well in the finale and just fell eleven points short of making it into the final elimination rounds.
The first Vis Moot Team of WU consisted of Andrea Pommer, Sona Tsaturyan and Bernhard Melzer. It certainly was a great ride!
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